• Valleyview Country Getaway

    Valleyview Country Getaway

    Stay at this beautiful country home and unwind and relax.

  • Enjoy


    Relax and enjoy a memorable dinner in a beautiful setting with your family or friends.

  • Explore the Outdoors

    Explore the Outdoors

    There's plenty of room for the kids to safely roam and explore on the property!

  • Amenities


    The house's amenities are just right and will help you relax and be comfortable.

  • Barn
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

    Fully Equipped Kitchen

    Our kitchen provides everything you need.

  • Lake

Welcome to Valleyview Country Getaway!

Valleyview Country Getaway is a farmhouse with an early 1800’s log cabin as its core, where nature abounds in the peaceful Possum Run Valley.

Imagine, as you are sitting in the living room of our renovated farmhouse; that Abraham Lincoln is just six years old, the land around you has just become part of the State of Ohio and historic Richland County (previously listed as unorganized territory) has just been formed. The walls surrounding you are recently hand cut, shaped, and fitted logs from the surrounding forest, the space between chinked with straw and mud. The floors are boards sawn from the same native timber.

You are now able to experience a visit in this home, imagining the lives of the countless generations that have been here before you.

Valleyview Country Getaway places you in the heart of a multitude of exciting year round activities for your personal adventure. Play all day at full speed and slow the pace when you come ‘home’. If you still have energy left, a short hike to the ‘Great Fire Circle’ may complete your day with an evening of star gazing, story telling or marshmallow toasting; all accompanied by a symphony of country sounds.

All this picture needs to be complete is you!

Give us a call so that we might reserve a visit.

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